Guide to Your Personal Starter Make Up Kit

celine d.

As a makeup novice, I am pretty sure you can get overwhelmed by all these makeup ads trying to sell you this and that, telling you that their product is ALL you need. You get sucked in and end up buying products that either don’t work out or really, how the hell do you use this/that?

I’ve been in your position. When I first started, I initially thought “oh my goodness, her face is amazing. Whatever she has, I need to have it too!” And hence I end up buying piles of makeup either I don’t need or have no idea how to use. Sometimes, they are even the wrong color! Damn the salesperson who’s trying to fast sell these items.

For a really basic makeup pouch, I would suggest getting an eyeliner, a brow pencil, cheek/lip tint and a tinted moisturizer for an everyday use. Find these four products…

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