Best Oscar Outfits 2018

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Here’s my annual collection of favourite outfits from this year’s Oscars.

Best Dressed Women

IMG_8176 Jennifer Lawrence

IMG_8177 Lupita Nyong’o

IMG_8178 Oscar nominated Meryl Streep

IMG_8179 Oscar nominated Greta Gerwig

IMG_8180 Oscar nominee Mary J Blige

IMG_8181 Oscar award winner (for best supporting female actor) Allison Janney. I think Allison looks absolutely stunning and it’s her outfit that is probably my favourite this year.

IMG_8183 This dress might divide opinion, but I absolutely love this colour on Viola Davis. I think she looks glorious.

IMG_8185 Oscar award nominee Sally Hawkins

IMG_8186 Dame Helen Mirren

IMG_8187 Whilst I’m not convinced by the shoes, I love the rest of Oscar nominee Dee Rees’s outfit. She was one of several women to go against convention and wear a suit rather than a dress.

IMG_8193 Special mention for Rita Moreno who wore the same dress she wore when she won an Oscar back in 1962.

Best Dressed Males

IMG_8182 British Oscar nominee Daniel Kaluuya

IMG_8184 Armie Hammer

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